LT20: Level Transmitter

- วัดระดับของเหลว

- Output 4-20 mA

- Easy Install

            Level Transmitter LT20 is equipment for measuring level of liquid according to pressure theory, at different level will have different pressure also it will generate different Output 4-20 mA. It is mainly measure level of water such as water in tank, well, underground water, level of water in the river and etc.  it is easy installation just drop LT20 until it get to lowest level. In case of measuring liquid is not water calculation would be needed.

            Level Range x Specific Gravity = level range @ 20 mA.

            For Example LT20 is Level Range 10 mH2o measure Ethanol that has Specific Gravity 0.78 @20 mA therefore Ethanol = 10 x 0.78 = 7.812 m.

In mm.

Red +

Green -

Measurement and control of liquid level

Groundwater Level Measurement

Wiring Indicator Wisco

Measure the water level in the river.


Level Input

Level range:

5 m, 10 m H20

Over Pressure:

200 % of Full Scale

Analog Output

Output type:

Current (2 Wire, Loop Power)

Output range:

4 to 20 mA

Power Supply:

12 to 24 VDC


± 0.5 % of Full Scale

Output Impedance:

Max. 600 Ω at 24 VDC (50 Ω/V above 12 VDC)

Environmental Limits

Medium Temperature:

0 to 60 °C

Storage Temperature:

(-)40 to 125 °C

Physical Characteristics



Cable Length:

Level Range +2 m.

Housing Material:

Stainless Steel

Cable Characteristics and Application

Cable Material:

Copper Core PE Insulated PUR Jacket Cable

Ventilated Tube Material:



Special Ventilated Cable for Submersible Level Transmitter


Warranty Period:

1 Year

Ordering Information: Specify Level Range
Example LT20/0-10m.

Package Checklist

1. LT20