TL95: Totalizer

- Linear totalization

- Selectable Input Signal

- High accuracy

            Totalizer TL95 accepts standard current or voltage input and produce a pulse signal that drivers a totalizing counter. The output frequency is linearly propotional to the input signal. The output pulse can be scaled to represent gallons, barrels, litres, tons, BTU, KW/H or any other engineering unit, by selection of the proper output span. The count dropout is adjustable from 0 % to 20 % of full scale to eliminate false totalization of unwanted low level noise signals.


Analog Input

Number of channel:

1 Channel

Input type:

Current, Voltage

Input range:

Current (0 to 20, 4 to 20 mA)

Voltage (1 to 5, 0 to 10 VDC)

Digital Output

Number of Channel:

1 Channel

Output Type:

Pulse (Output Pulse compatable with external stardard electronic or electromechanied counter)

Output Range:

Pulse Range 25 to 51200 Count / Hour


< ± 0.2 % of span.

Drop Out:

0 to 20 % of span.

Power Requirements

Power Supply:

110, 220 VAC

24 VDC (Optional)

Environmental Limits

Operating Temperature:

0 to 55 °C

Operating Humidity:

5 to 95 %RH

Storage Temperature:

0 to 70 °C

Physical Characteristics


W50 x H70 x D130 mm.


Wall or DIN rail


Plug-in 11 pins socket


Warranty Period:

5 year

Ordering Information: Specify Input, Output range, Power supply
Example TL95/4-20mA/400C/ H /220VAC

Package Checklist

1. TL95